Matt Hoffman

Chief Executive Officer

Matt has a 25-year career as a financial advisor, fundraiser, and C-suite executive and consultant helping investors diversify their portfolios; he has researched the macro, micro, and tax cases for oil and gas investing. Matt

Nathan Tarrant

Chief Operations Offer

Nathan has worked in financial services, marketing, and strategic business growth for over 30 years and is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for Alphascend Capital. He was the founder and COO of a Queens award-winning

Mike Erpinbeck

Director of Field Operations & Project Analysis

Mike has 35 years broad experience in upstream Oil & Gas industry including geology, reservoir, field development, asset management, and production engineering management, with recent focus on economic analysis and efficiency improvement. 15 years of

Dardan Bunjaku

Chief Compliance Officer

Dardan is a dedicated Compliance Professional with a focus on financial compliance, risk management, and data protection. With a suite of certifications in financial compliance, auditing, anti-money laundering, financial crime investigations, and regulatory compliance, Dardan

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