Matt has a 25-year career as a financial advisor, fundraiser, and C-suite executive and consultant helping investors diversify their portfolios; he has researched the macro, micro, and tax cases for oil and gas investing. Matt started Alphascend specifically to mitigate the risks of oil and gas investing for accredited investors.

He was the COO of a national manufacturing company, the National Account Sales Representative for a Fortune 500 company, and the Director of Sales for numerous US and European firms.

His aspiration to help investors maximize return, minimize risk, and mitigate tax burdens led him to the oil and gas sector in 2016 where he was Senior Vice President for a national oil and gas fund.

Education & Training

  • B.A from Carleton College.
    in Economics with a Finance Concentration

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Advisor
  • Fund Capital Raising
  • Investment Management