Nathan has worked in financial services, marketing, and strategic business growth for over 30 years and is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for Alphascend Capital.

He was the founder and COO of a Queens award-winning financial services company based in the UK. He also operated as a financial & alternative investment advisor to delegates of the UN, World Health Organization, and senior managers of Fortune 500 companies in Geneva, Switzerland, after the 2008 financial crash.

As a business growth strategist, Nathan has been instrumental in advising and leading businesses to gain upwards of a 2000% increase in monthly revenue.

Between 2000 and 2021 ( The Covid pandemic years), he oversaw the digital promotion of a national investment sponsor specializing in tax-advantaged real estate offerings, where they went from $1.9B to $3B in transaction volume in less than 18 months.

Education & Training

  • Diploma Business Management - Edinburgh University
  • MBA - York Univeristy (Currently working on)
  • Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming - Socierty of NLP

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Neuro Lingustic Programming
  • Investment Management

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